runtime difference between windows(fine) and linux (assert)
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Author:  diddek [ Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:45 pm ]
Post subject:  runtime difference between windows(fine) and linux (assert)

Hi All,

It seems there is a difference between the windows and the linux build that does not make sense to me ..

I defined a new data essence descriptor called 'MyNewDescriptor' in the dict.xml.

This is loaded in my essencesubparser like this:

MDObjectPtr DescObj = new MDObject("MyNewDescriptor");

On windows this works fine, but on linux I get:

testrunner: mdobject.cpp:230: mxflib::MDObject::MDObject(std::string,
mxflib::SymbolSpacePtr&): Assertion `Type' failed.

Which is the assert from this piece of code:

ULPtr ThisUL = SymSpace-Find(BaseType);
if(ThisUL) Type = MDOType::Find(ThisUL);
ObjectName = Type-Name();
error("Metadata object type \"%s\" doesn't exist\n", BaseType.c_str());

Type = MDOType::Find("Unknown");


ObjectName = "Unknown " + BaseType;

So the type(name) is passed fine, but it cannot be found - nor can the
'Unknown' type
- I did set the MXFLIB_DATA_DIR
- I copied my dict.xml over the one in /usr/local/share/mxflib

But somehow it is not there.

Can anyone help me in finding the cause?

Thanks in advance, Dirk

Author:  diddek [ Fri Mar 12, 2010 9:40 am ]
Post subject: 

I did some further checks, and it seems only to affect my unit-tester.

The executable is fine: it acutally encodes/decodes.

SO it might be something to do with my setup - I let the forum know when I find out

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