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Post Posted: Wed Dec 17, 2008 1:09 pm 
Hello all,

I am trying to convert the clip wrapped mxfs (8 hours worth!) shot in the Panasonic P2 format / DVCPROHD format (DV100_1080/50i) to a frame wrapped one I can use with FFmpeg for flv and mp4 transcoding (which is terrible in Premiere CS3).

I have tried using the mxfwrap commandline with:

mxfwrap -f C:\videoTest\00105L.MXF C:\videoTest\convertedFile.MXF
mxfwrap -a[2] C:\videoTest\00105L.MXF C:\videoTest\convertedFile.MXF (so it reads the input as OPAtom).

However, I get the following error both times:

Error: Could not identify the essence in file "C:\videoTest\00105L.MXF"

although with the -a[2] option it is preceded by the line:
'Index table segments will not share a partition with essence'

Can anyone help me here? Any guidance would be much appreciated!




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Post Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2008 10:38 pm 
MXFWrap is intended to convert non-MXF files into MXF files. It is not designed to convert MXF to MXF (although it could be adapted to do so).

The easiest thing for you is probably to unwrap the essence using MXFSplit,, then re-wrap the essence using MXFWrap

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Post Posted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 11:14 am 

I'm more or less in the same situation, only that I don't really know what clip wrapped and frame wrapped is..

The problem I'm facing is this:
We have a P2 system and all I want to do is mux 4 audio mxfs and 1 video mxf into a new mxf, as for example EDIUS is able to do.

So what I did was to extract the essence of the five files with mxfsplit.
This more or less worked out fine, except that the essence of all 4 audio files was given the same name by mxfsplit, so renamed the _0002<whatever>. Stream file every time to "audio0" "audio1" "audio2" "audio3" (may this be a problem? do these files have to keep their names?)
The video was mxfsplit to "video" (again, do I have to keep the name?)
The audio files play fine with mplayer, the video only does so for a single frame (as with the original .mxf; this however seems to be a problem with the qdv.dll)
using /usr/bin/file on the single parts yields the desired result.
so i guess my essences are OK.
I then did
mxfwrap video+audio0+audio1+audio2+audio3 test.mxf

and that worked out beautifully.
(btw: If I put video at the end of the string it does not work out, maybe a bug?)
The resulting test.mxf has a sensible size (the sum of all single files) but EDIUS refuses to open it. It also does so when using the -a2,-1,-i,-f, etc. (all other switches available, though not in combination) switches.

What am I missing here? I guess it would be helpful to analyze an already muxed file by EDIUS to find out the differences, but where do I have to look at? should I provide the mxfinfo output of such a working file ? Which switches do I need to use/what parts are of interest?

The basic thing we want to achieve is to mux all recorded P2 material (TBs of it) so we can rename the resulting files to be able to register them in a database.

Any help is really appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



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Post Posted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 2:41 am 
Hallo tbart!

Did you hava any further success?

I am facing the same problem, but do not really want to leave the LINUX environment.


B ert

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