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Post Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 3:44 pm 
i'm new to all this mxf stuff, but i got drawn into it very fast at work.
We bought a SCC2000 from dolby to do jpeg2000 encoding for the cinema.
The only problem i have is that i'm not able to playback the mxf files created with the machine.
The mastered packages i create have a playlist xml file that i have to go and check for sync issues in the movie theater.
On IBC i talked with someone in the snell & willcox booth and he got me in contact with Ian from meta glue and got send to this place.
Is there a way to get my data to playback in windows ?
Thx in advance,


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Post Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 8:55 pm 
It's not going to work...
Jp2K for DCI requires hardware to decode in realtime.
Fastest decoder to date is kakadu, and it still takes about one second to decode a frame on a fast machine. So unless you have a cluster of 20 hosts to decode you stream.... you will not find any software to do it.
Go to the theatre, or buy a DCI player.
Also checking sync on a pc is the worst thing to do.
Video and audio card are not synchronized and usually you have +-1 frame of uncontrolled offset. (hardware buffering, flat panel delay, audio converter lag etc...)
You might however be able to decode the frames to jpeg or other, then play those.
But if you have an encoder, you already have the frames before compression... no point losing time to check sync by decompressing image.

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